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Our Practice Philosophy
Welcome to the private cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Ercan Karacaoglu. Dr. Karacaoglu and his staff are committed to delivering the highest quality cosmetic surgery results using the latest, most reliable techniques in the safest environment. Your selection of your plastic surgeon is an important personal decision and you will feel confident that Dr. Karacaoglu possesses the surgical expertise and artistic sense to rejuvenate and enhance your face and body to deliver natural looking results.

Your Surgical Experience

Dr. Karacaoglu prefers to perform his cosmetic surgery at Medpark International Hospital, a state of the art, private, fully and JCI accredited surgical center in Moldova. The Hospital has met the highest level of accreditation and certification and offers patients a safe private setting for their surgery. Our registered nurses have expertise in caring for cosmetic surgery patients and provide patients with a superior surgical experience. Extended stays with a private duty nurse are readily available.

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